Hands & Feet

Look after some of the hardest working parts of your body, your hands and feet.

Manicures and Pedicures are not only relaxing, but aid in blood circulation and improved mobility in joints. The skin on our hands and feet is exposed daily to conditions which see us dealing with impaired barrier, dead skin build up, aches and pains. Regular nail treatments also assist in nail health and mean that your nails are less susceptible to infections. Whether you are adding a scrub and massage to a facial treatment, or having a deluxe manicure or pedicure, we have the treatment that suits you to care for your hands and feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to have nail polish?

No you do not. When you prefer not to have polish on either your fingers or toes, we will apply a nourishing cuticle oil and buff the nail to a shine.

What if I have a fungal infection. Can I still have a treatment?

Unfortunately fungal nail infections are extremely contagious, and as such we recommend seeking treatment for this prior to us being able to perform nail treatments in salon. Ask your Doctor or Pharmacist for a suitable remedy.