Facial Treatments

We believe that life should be lived to the full and your skincare plays a critical supporting role. Our highly trained skin therapists are here to guide, educate and treat you through developing your personal skin fitness plan.

Everyone wants healthy, glowing skin and we do what we can at home to keep on top of cleansing and moisturising daily. But are we really using the right products, in the right order and at the right time to achieve our best skin ever? At Essenza Skin & Beauty, we understand that every skin is unique and deserves to be treated that way. We are passionate about skin and love everything about it: that it’s the largest living organ of your body defending you from UV, pollution and blue light; how it responds to touch and temperature; and how it prevents you from losing water and shrivelling like a prune. But life takes its toll and skin can suffer with breakouts, lines, dryness and sensitivity. In conjunction with Dermalogica skincare, let us take you on ‘your best skin’ journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Best Skin Journey Success?

This is an opportunity for you to spend some time with us to discuss your skin goals. We get you to complete a form prior to arrival, we then discuss what you are currently doing with your skin, what your budgets of time and money are to commit to your regime, and your expected outcomes. Then we put together a Skin Fitness Plan for suggested in-salon treatments, along with prescribed home care and lifestyle tips to assist you in achieving your best skin. There is no obligation to fulfil the Skin Fitness Plan we create for you. We charge a small fee for our time, which we make redeemable on the day for product should you wish to purchase any home care to start your best skin journey.

Which facial treatment is right for me?

We offer professional Targeted, Bespoke, and Advanced Treatments. If there is a skin condition you would like to target you can select from our Targeted Pro Skin Treatments. If you are unsure what your skin needs, then we recommend you select a Bespoke Pro Skin Treatment. Our Advanced Treatments include Micro-Needling, Dermaplaning, and  Pro Power Peels.

After a thorough consultation discussing your concerns, your current routine, time and budget considerations, and the outcome you would like, our professional skin therapists create a Skin Fitness Plan for you including professional treatments, home care and lifestyle advice to assist you on your best skin journey. Our professional skin therapist may decide on the day that the there is a more suitable treatment for you and will discuss this with you.

In salon we utilise professional electrical modalities such as micro-needling, LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, and ultrasonic technology, in conjunction with Dermalogica skincare, to ensure you receive the best outcomes possible.

Why not make the most of your time with us with our Ultimate Skin Experiences which bundle popular treatments together, or check out our Power Up options to take your facial treatment to the next level.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Crystal microdermabrasion is the non-invasive, gentle process of using crystals accelerated at high velocity, like sandblasting, onto the skin’s surface to abrade and mechanically exfoliate dead and damaged layers of skin cells. This causes micro trauma on the skin’s surface and stimulates the flow of fresh oxygenated blood to the surface. This starts the collagen stimulation, healing and rejuvenating processes. A vacuum suction whisks away the abraded skin particles and crystals in addition to improving the lymphatic function in the skin. This helps to leave the skin looking and feeling smoother, brighter, firmer and blemish free. The result is a polished fresh, exfoliated skin with increased cellular function and renewal.

Microdermabrasion is not only an excellent maintenance treatment for normal skin, it is also a desirable option to treat acne and the signs of premature ageing. For acne sufferers, fortnightly to monthly treatments can put you back in control of your skin. This modality may be chosen as the form of exfoliation in a Bespoke Facial Treatment. Our Professional Skin Therapists will decide at the time of treatment, after consultation, if this is the right form of exfoliation for you.

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED light therapy enhances your body’s natural cellular recovery, improving healing, relieving inflammation, subsiding active acne and promoting skin rejuvenation.

LED light therapy is a highly effective way to achieve total facial rejuvenation. LED light therapy delivers light emitting diodes (LED), which do not produce any heat. The device delivers LED in precise wavelengths over the skin to stimulate naturally occurring regeneration and repair processes.

This 20-minute painless and highly relaxing treatment is not only cost effective but gives amazing results when consistently used. Not to mention it is safe and suitable for most skin types.

LED light therapy treatments can be used on their own or in conjunction with other treatments, especially to aid in the rejuvenation process with no downtime.

Results occur gradually with an initial series of treatments recommended to achieve optimal results that last up to one month. Regular treatments will maintain results.

Prior to your first treatment, our professional skin therapist will consult with you to assess your suitability for LED light therapy and discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

The treatment may involve a gentle exfoliant being applied to your skin before the LED device is placed over the treatment area. The process is comfortable with many clients finding it relaxing and similar to lying on a beach.

Is the Pro Power Peel the right treatment for me?

Prior to a Pro Power Peel treatment we would recommend coming into salon for a Bespoke or ProSkin treatment. In this way we can do a thorough consultation and prescribe a Skin Fitness Plan combining professional treatments, which may include peels, with a home care routine to assist you on your best skin journey.

How does a Pro Power Peel work?

Chemical peels are an excellent treatment choice for a wide range of skin concerns, from acne and hyperpigmentation to advanced signs of ageing. Despite their varying uses, most peels work the same way: they remove the skin’s outermost layers to stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover, improving skin’s texture and appearance.

Is Micro-Needling the right treatment for me?

Prior to a Micro-Needling treatment we would recommend coming into salon for a ProSkin treatment or FaceFits Skin Consultation. In this way we can do a thorough consultation and prescribe a Skin Fitness Plan combining professional treatments, with a home care routine to assist you on your best skin journey.

We understand the structure and function of skin cells. This knowledge, along with your skin goals, informs everything from our needle depth to technique and complementary products we use and recommend.

We consider skin’s natural renewal cycle when planning treatments. For this reason, we recommend spacing treatments out by 4-6 weeks. We also recommend a series of 4-6 yearly micro-needling treatments for optimal improvements and skin maintenance.

How does Micro-Needling work?

Micro-needling works by triggering the body’s wound healing process. By using fine needles to make minuscule, evenly-spaced micro-injuries, the treatment stimulates the healthy tissue surrounding the micro-needling wounds to repair the damage. This triggers the production of collagen and elastin – rebuilding the skin’s dermal structure and helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and texture irregularities such as acne pitting or stretch marks. 

Why do I need to ‘prep’ my skin before some treatments?

Some of our Advanced Pro Treatments involve ensuring your skin is in optimum condition to receive the treatment, to avoid adverse reactions or creating more issues that then would require further treatments. Our professional skin therapists will advise you on the best course of action to get the most out of your treatments, including pre and post-treatment home care, lifestyle recommendations and in-salon treatments to assist you in achieving your best skin.

Is Dermaplaning the right treatment for me?

Dermaplaning is a treatment that uses a specialised blade to remove dead skin cells and fine vellus hair. It is considered a physical form of exfoliation and leaves the skin soft, smooth, and bright.

Dermaplaning is safe for most people, with little risk of side effects. This procedure doesn’t require any downtime for recovery, which makes it convenient.

Dermaplaning can be used for any skin type, and anyone with acne scars, dull skin, dry skin, sun-damaged skin, and fine wrinkles.

How often can you Dermaplane?

Dermaplaning is most often performed every 4 weeks. It’s best scheduled in a series of 3-6 treatments.

Can Dermaplaning be done on all skin types?

Yes, all skins can benefit from dermaplaning. We avoid performing dermaplaning on active acne/breakouts. Clients with melanin-rich skin tones should pre-treat their skin 2 weeks prior with brightening products to reduce risk of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

Will Dermaplaning make hair grow back thicker?

No. Dermaplaning cannot physically alter the type of hair grown. The fine vellus hair will grow back slowly, usually in about 4 weeks. We do not Dermaplane over terminal hair. We recommend having facial waxing a week prior to Dermaplaning to remove any thick terminal hairs. We will tweeze on the day if required.